Monday, November 07, 2005


Ello all, I want you all to sign up to neopets so I can get alot of cool prizes and paintbrushes! just copy and paste this address in your web browser:
thank you very much!


the reverend mommy said...

this is acount name is feather55555555555219

the reverend mommy said...

this is entropy i gave sweety 16 apples

see-through faith said...

happy thanksgiving chaos :)

Kathryn said... boys had neopets for quite a long time....but sadly they seem to have abandoned them now. Hope yours flourishes

see-through faith said...

WHERE are you ??

I was chatting to your mommy the reverend when she squealed that you'd broken your tooth or the brace - hope it got fixed ok and you can eat well again

stay away from that hard candy, you hear :)

Anonymous said...

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